Testimonials for Ric and his unique voice training skill...

Lofty Fulton - EM Voices. I have been a professional voice over artist since 1992. As I have never had professional training, I felt there was more I could learn. I was incredibly impressed that Ric Herbert was able to convey simply the essence of each lesson. His ability to make me feel at ease and give me understanding made it very enjoyable.

Adam Whitby Voice Actor - RMK. Ric is an institution in the voice acting business. After completing his seven step course it became very apparent why he is such an amazing voice actor. His course gives anyone a far greater understanding of how the voice works. I still use his unique voice exercises and techniques to this day. Ric’s course is thought provoking and motivating and I walked away with a far deeper comprehension of how I work as an instrument.

Kate Joubert - CMC. I use my voice professionally every week of the year as one of Sydney's top Marriage Celebrants. Thanks to Ric's teachings, I now have vocal awareness and confidence that my voice is strong, articulate and controlled, at every wedding I perform.

Kathy Moore - Producer/Director. As a Director, production meetings and addressing cast and crew is a daily experience. As a Filmmaker/Producer I 'pitch' my ideas to funding bodies... Ric Herbert helped me to develop and strengthen my voice. Not only to be articulate and audible, but to help my confidence when facing a crowd. It was clear on my first session that Ric's knowledge was outstanding.

Joel Labi - 2GB Newsroom journalist. I can honestly say my voice projection, proper inflections and general attitude towards reading are in much better shape. Ric Herbert has the ability to teach anyone!

Emma Bitti - Actress/mother of three. I started having real problems, my voice was strained and fatigued. Ric Herbert was recommended to me as a voice trouble shooter. After doing his program for 3 months there were no more "bad voice days" and I am considering re-entering the industry.

Shayna Stewart - Singer. I recently completed a group singing weekend workshop with Ric Herbert and was really impressed with the content and how he communicated. He helped me tap into the physicality of my voice, placement and how I could best access the sounds I wanted.

Cam Faull - Personal trainer, CHEK Exercise/Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Being a personal trainer I need my voice to be intact. After only two weeks of following his teachings, the huskiness had vanished and the confidence in my voice began to build. Ric has given me skills, tools and information that I can use for years to come.